MGK - What I Do (Feat. Bun B, Dubo)

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Est 4 Life - Machine Gun Kelly (Feat. Dubo)

♥ 104 Dubo Est 4 Life Half Naked and almost famous MGK Machine gun kelly almost famous audio dope ep gun hip hop kelly listen machine music new rap lace up → 2 years ago

Chip Off The Block - Machine Gun Kelly 

Everybody used to talk down now the whole world wanna be fucking come us!

♥ 56 Chip Off The Block Machine Gun Kelly MGK Lace Up Cleveland rap hip hop great talent listen est machine gun kelly mixtape music artwork → 2 years ago

She Like That - Na Palm (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)

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All Alone - Machine Gun Kelly (Feat. Collin Hilton)

♥ 2 Machine Gun Kelly MGK lace up mixtape all alone life rap hip hop listen audio cleveland Collin Hilton machine gun gun kelly collin hilton → 2 years ago


Over Being Sober - Machine Gun Kelly, Mat Musto, Kyle Lucas and Nate Walka

aka my song for the weekend woo

♥ 8 william-farthouse kyle lucas machine gun kelly MGK lucas nate walka mat musto rap over being sober → 2 years ago

What It Seems - Machine Gun Kelly (feat. Dubo)

I’m enjoying every pussy like a virgin or madonna.

♥ 9 What It Seems Machine Gun Kelly Dubo MGK rap hip hop lace up Madonna pussy audio listen → 3 years ago

Cleveland - Machine Gun Kelly feat. Dubo

been one of my favorite songs for awhile now.

♥ 6 Machine Gun Kelly MGK lace up rap dubo Cleveland swag king mixtape audio listen → 3 years ago